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We co-ordinate your logistics related to imports from country of origin to destination with a high degree of diligence and efficiency.

Our thrust is to meet customer’s demands for a borderless logistics solution in today’s global market.

We have designed programs which extends to you an immediate command over your integrated flow of material. Documents and information thereby giving you the needed flexibility to react to changing market conditions.

Let us do the work so you don’t have to, you can focus your valuable resources back into your organization and concentrate on your core business.

We tailor-make the services that we offer to you our customers so that we can meet your demand and expectations.


The presents of Galaxy group across the globe and in different economies has given us the capacity to offer an array of logistics packages.

From your personal effects to industrial plants all personally managed with a high degree of expertise.

Our years of perfect relationship with shipping lines, airlines and local authorities from origin right through to destination ensures that we meet your expectations and guarantees that you meet your customer’s demands on time and every time.

Be part of our logistics culture and gives the opportunity to guide through and co-ordinate your exports to your customer with efficiency and easy.